Navigating Your 401(k)

Navigating Your 401(k)

Have you seen your plan’s new web center yet?  Take a look and browse through it to get familiar.

These days, employees are more responsible than ever for saving for their retirement, and there are aspects of investing and planning that can seem complicated and daunting.   

Thompson Wealth Management, the adviser to your plan, has set up a new Participant Center web site with new tools to help you navigate your retirement account and plan for a successful retirement. From the Participant Center you can:

  • Log on to Ascensus to check your plan balances, manage your account and deferral amounts, check your personal rate of return, and more.
  • Read our supplemental information brochure about your plan’s Target Allocation Portfolios, which will help you decide which one is right for you.
  • Fill out a Risk Tolerance Survey. Whether you are investing in a Target Portfolio or you are a Do-It-Yourself investor, it’s important to fill it out and get a recommended allocation based on your risk and return profile. You can then email the completed survey back to us.
  • Contact Us if you have a question on your plan or want to schedule an annual one on one consultation or semi-annual check in call.
  • Join a video or online conference scheduled with us. Just click the TWM Meeting button, but don’t forget to check your hair first!
  • Stay in touch with TWM’s thinking via our monthly e-Letter, but be sure to check out the new 401(k) Knowledge Center, a blog spot for timely Investment Updates & Insights, timeless Investment Essentials, a Fund Focus which gives more information on the funds in your plan, Retirement and Financial Planning advice, and GenVest – resources for young adults just starting out in life.
  • Access Savings and Planning tools.  Are you on track with your retirement savings?  Are you looking to get control of your budget and debts? Do you want to know what to expect from social security when you retire, or want to assess how much you might save on your income taxes by contributing more to your plan.
  • Get answers to frequently asked questions through the new I Want to Know More About library. Access articles on topics such as 401(k) Basics, Changing Your Investments, Contribution Limits, Rollovers, Roth 401(k) s, and Loans and Hardship Withdrawals. 

We are here to help you navigate the retirement planning maze and to save you from getting mugged on Wall Street at the same time.  Have a question, comment or suggestion as to how we could improve the site, or features you’d like to see added? Just hit the Contact Us button!

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