By asking "What could go wrong?" we create reality-based plans that help you realize your dreams and life goals.

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Planning at TWM: Orchestrating Financial Futures

We Can't Predict the Future, But We can Prepare for It

TWM’s Financial Planning process has four focal purposes, depending on the needs of each client, designed to help clients realize financial security and important life goals, to save them invaluable time, and enable them to go forward with confidence and peace of mind:

  • Discovery -- articulate written mission statement, goals, and modular planning objectives (initiatives), collect and consolidate comprehensive financial data and personal financial statements into a cogent, clear, and always available digital picture as the basis for initial planning analysis and for making logical, optimal financial decisions as issues and opportunities arise on an ongoing basis.
  • Financial Plan and Planning Calendar -- construct a “Base Case” lifetime financial plan, analyze feasibility of and margins of safety in the plan, recommend adjustments and efficiencies, establish a modular calendar for addressing areas requiring attention, explore Scenarios Planning “as light bulbs go off in clients thinking” incorporating higher level (wants and wishes) planning goals and generating additional scenarios as future financial decisions or opportunities arise.
  • Risk (Asset Allocation) Matrix – using TWM’s proprietary grading system, compile the various risk tolerance (behavioral ability to accept risk), risk propensity (need for return and willingness to take risk), and financial risk capacity factors (time horizon, liquidity needs, balance sheet and budget health, human capital, contingency planning) to form the foundation for iterative discussion, evaluation and adoption of investment objectives and asset allocation model strategy, for advanced stress testing of the investment plan in context of the planning objectives, also forming the basis for periodic review of the investment plan as circumstances and conditions evolve.
  • Coordinate and implement – work with client’s existing team of or refer proven advisors (tax, estate, legal, insurance, banking, real estate, etc., professionals) to form a coordinated effort toward realizing, maximizing and implementing client’s financial program and goals; TWM differentiates itself by providing a plan and also going the extra mile to do what we can to alleviate planning burdens.

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