What matters most to us is that you achieve financial independence and the time and peace of mind to enjoy it.

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Concord is known for independent thinkers. We fit right in.

Call us innovators, disrupters...or leaders. Thirty-years ago, Thompson Wealth Management declared independence from Wall Street with a “fee-only” relationship model, changing the conversation from what’s good for investment firms to what’s best for clients. 

The firm has continued to innovate by adopting client-focused practices such as endowment-style asset allocation, indexing, low cost and conflict free 401(k) plans, and Personal CFO — a relationship model option that puts us on the same side of the table with clients who seek advice managing their overall net worth. Think of it as a family office for regular people.... 

Whatever changes tomorrow brings, you can be confident that we will continue to lead with foresight and independent thinking, affording clients the best chances of achieving what is most important to them -- financial freedom and peace of mind. 

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